Thursday, September 29, 2011

AAR Battle of 3rd August 1942

The Japanese started their assault after surrounding the allied position early in the morning of the 3rd August. they opened their attack by creeping to within 15 inches of the village and then fired two star shells that lit up the allied positions.

Defending the village was two sections of Australian troops, a section of Militia and a section of PIB. Once the first star shell had been fired an Australian Company located at Kanadara began to move back to rescue their besieged troops in the village a distance of only 1km.

By round 4 of the game the Japanese commander now knowing that their was little in the way of opposition ordered a charge which swept away the Australian section. the PIB still held their position to the north of the village but did not engage.

By round 6 the fresh Australian company had indeed arrived but the Japanese commander sensing that what he wanted to achieve had been completed gave the order to withdraw.

The rest of the game a further 3 round of movement saw the Japanese melt back into the jungle no further fighting took place except for a few stray pot shots from each side.

The supreme allied command seeing how easy it was for an entire Japanese company to slip around an isolated Australian position ordered a withdrawal back to Isurava where the Australian troops could be concentrated and where the terrain would now funnel any future attack towards prepared Allied defences. 

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