Thursday, November 18, 2010

Japanese OOB Kokoda Patrol 28th July 1942

Patrolling Action 28th July 1942

Your Commander Lt – Colonel Yokoyama has ordered his troops to reform for the big fight for the strategic position of Kokoda Village. As Yokoyama  is not aware of the full Australian strength in Kokoda he has ordered your patrol forward to seek out the Australian positions and to get an idea of their defences and location.

Yokoyama has ordered a patrol by the entire 1st Platoon, 4th Company, 1st Battalion, 144th Regiment a fresh and spirited group of men eager to close on the Australian positions.

At 10.00 am as the patrol moves forward you see up ahead what appears to be troops moving down the track from Kokoda but as it is raining and you are unable to ascertain if these are other Japanese troops or Australian Militia patrolling.

Your patrol moves forward with caution.


Japanese troops deploy on the eastern end of the track map – marked Oivi Village
You set up 12 inches in form your end of the board into any terrain type.

Troop OOB - No 1 platoon, 4th Company 1st Battalion, 144th Regiment.

Your forces consist of sections 1, 2 and 3 plus the HQ Section a total of  52 men

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