Thursday, November 18, 2010

Australian OOB for Kokoda patroll action

Patrolling Action 28th July 1942

The Commander of 39th Battalion Lt Colonel (Dougy) Owen has ordered his troops to reform in Kokoda and prepare for the Japanese to attack, which is expected to come later today or tomorrow.

To accretion the strength and the intentions of the Japanese (Dougy) Owen has ordered a patrol by No 1 Section, 10th platoon, B Company 39th Battalion, comprising 7 men including a Lewis gun to patrol to the east of Kokoda on the road between Kokoda Village and Oivi.

At 10.00 am as the patrol moves forward they see up ahead what appears to be troops moving down the track towards Kokoda but as it is raining they are unable to ascertain if these are Japanese troops or further Australian troops, either Militia of PNB troops coming back to the main body after the previous three days actions.

The patrol moves forward with caution.


Australian troops deploy on the western end of the track map – marked Kokoda Village
Your troops start 12inches in from your end of the board and may deploy into any terrain

Troop OOB - No 1 Section, 10th platoon, B Company 39th Battalion

1 x Senior NCO (Corporal)  – SMG armed
4 x Privates – Rifle armed
1 x Junior NCO (Lance Corporal) LMG Section  – SMG armed
1 x LMG Gunner – Lewis LMG

Reinforcements – 1st Section Papuan Infantry Battalion – These forces arrive once the first shots are fired on a roll of 1 (D10) increasing in chance by 1 each turn

1 x Senior NCO (Corporal)  – SMG armed
4 x Privates – Rifle armed

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