Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kokoda Patrol Action 28th July 1942

Hi all

Following is the after action report from the last game - unfortunately there are no pics, no one had a camera on the day

AAR 28th July 1942 – Kokoda track east leading to Kokoda

At 10.00 an Australian patrol comprising a section of 7 men including an LMG moves slowly along the track east of the village Kokoda. The track is a small badly maintained foot road that is surrounded either side by jungle.

In the rain that has been falling on the patrol since it left kokoda the lead scouts spot what appears to be a small group of men heading toward them from the direction of Oivi. The senior NCO Corporal Walsh not sure weather these men are friends or foe moves forward with caution.

When the patrol is within 150 yards of the approaching group it becomes apparent that this is a Japanese patrol of around 1 section (15men) in strength.

Cpl Walsh orders his LMG to open fire cutting down two of the assistants on the Japanese MG team. The entire Japanese section returns fire instantly killing the Australian LMG team.  The Japanese now advance towards the remaining Australians with haste. Cpl Walsh orders two of his rifle men to go to the position of the fallen gun team and take up the weapon while his remaining riflemen provide coving fire.

Not to far away a second Australian patrol comprising troops of the PIB under an Australian corporal (6 men in total) hear the firing and decide to move to their comrade’s position to give assistance making all haste through the thick jungle.

Back on the track the Japanese now charge at the Australian position coming under renewed fire that begins to cut them down. They stop just short of the position.

From the left hand side of the track a second section of Japanese appear supported by the fire of a second LMG that cutts down two more Australians. On the right hand side of the track there is the sound of fast moving troops approaching the besieged Australian position.

Cpl Walsh now realises he has a major situation on his hands which is lessened a little a minute or so later as the PIB troops arrive, but not in time to sway the battle. Weighing up his situation he surmises he is facing a full Japanese Platoon of around 50 or so enemy infantry. He decides to hold the position for one more turn but this decision costs the Australians as their LMG team is once more taken out of action and Cpl Walsh is killed firing his SMG as he goes down.

The Australian Cpl with the PIB moves forward instructing his troops to provide covering fire as his troops grab the LMG and beat a hasty retreat from the battlefield.

Outcome – The Australian casualties were 1 section, 7 men. The Japanese casualties were 1 section 15 men. The Japanese patrol withdraws back to Oivi after seeing off the PIB moving back to their main base at Oivi. However during the night a second Japanese patrol moves out towards Kokoda unopposed they scout the perimeter position of the village and airfield returning back to their HQ with vital intelligence.


  1. Very nice Campaing....I like this game, and you have a lot of good ideas.

  2. Thanks George it is only to get bigger from here with more twists and turns